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  • Share your child’s story. And let them be heard.
  • Tell Your Kid’s Story.

    Lyme disease. It is the fastest growing vector borne disease in the country. If not diagnosed in the early stages and treated properly, it can cause serious, disabling and sometimes, chronic illness. While anyone can contract the disease, children are at the greatest risk of becoming infected. They make up approximately 25% of all cases. In fact, kids, ages 5 to 9, are diagnosed with Lyme disease more often than any other age group, aside from seniors. Yet, there’s little education and awareness about the disease for this parent/child population.

    We understand it can be hard to see the signs of Lyme disease in children. We know what happens when a child doesn’t get proper treatment. We’ve seen the toll it takes on our child, and the damage this disease can do. A child’s voice can be a powerful tool for creating change. Our Storywall is their wall. It’s your wall. Share your child’s story. And let them be heard.

    • Below, please upload your photo and/or a video you’ve created (you may upload both) along with a short description of how Lyme disease or PANS/PANDAS has affected your/your kid’s life and we’ll add it to the Kid’s StoryWall. A photo or video and your typed story are both required. File Requirements: Photos: jpeg (preferable size: over 600 pixels wide); Videos: input url of your video on YouTube or Vimeo.
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