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    Today, 205 kids will be diagnosed with Lyme disease.
    Even more will become infected and not know it.

    Forty years ago, a group of children mysteriously developed arthritis. Initially diagnosed as having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, they were later found to be infected with Lyme borreliosis. Their suffering led to the discovery of Lyme disease.

    Four decades later, our children are still suffering and in greater numbers.

    More children are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year than all combined cases of pediatric cancer, type 1 diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and epilepsy. And, the number of reported cases of Lyme disease is highest among children 5 to 9 years old, according to the CDC.

    Yet, there is little to no attention given to the pediatric patients impacted by Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Only a handful of pediatric studies have been published with minimal funding available. And, there are no organized, annual state or national prevention and awareness campaigns aimed at educating parents, children, pediatricians, school personnel and other groups that work with children and adolescents.

    CLDN wants to change that. Because four decades is too long. But we need your help!

    Donate today and help us prevent more children from becoming infected with a disease that can forever change their lives.

    Let’s end the threat of Lyme disease. Because kids deserve to be kids.


    • Your generosity achieves real outcomes for children struggling with Lyme disease.

      CLDN spends 78% of public donations on work that promotes awareness and provides educational outreach to parents, caregivers, health care providers, and organizations that interact regularly with children.

      We believe that education is the crucial link in getting children diagnosed and treated quickly (when treatement is the most successful) – so that kids can get back to a joyful and happy life.

    • Children's Lyme Disease Network Donations

    Approximately 14% of public donations enable our fundraising and marketing so we can grow our impact, while 8% cover vital costs of administration.

    Note: CLDN is currently seeking non-profit status. If you would like to make a donation but prefer to have it be tax deductible, please send us an email and we will contact you as soon as our tax exempt status is finalized.

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