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    • We were at my family’s camp. I told my mom that my knee was swollen. It was very swollen but I hadn’t twisted it or fell while playing. There was nothing to explain it. We never thought of Lyme. I got joint pain in my hands, knees and feet, fatigue and brain fogginess. I had to quit my dancing class and started taking medicine. I’m not tired anymore and I’m dancing again.

      Courtney from Michigan. Diagnosed: Lyme disease at age 10
    • When I was 15, I was bitten by a tick while hunting. I never saw a rash. Several months after the bite, I started feeling sick. I lost weight, got a lot of sore throats and fevers and my muscles ached. My fingers and shoulder started twitching and my legs hurt so much I almost had to quite the basketball team. I was diagnosed with Lyme and treated for over a year. I’m better now and attend college. I’d like to tell all the doctors in our state that I am a testament to the fact that there is Lyme disease in Texas.

      Lee from Texas. Diagnosed: Lyme disease at age 15

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